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USP of LawCrossing

LawCrossing Does What Other Job Boards Simply Can’t Do!

Competitors are often making accusations about LawCrossing fraud. They tend to believe that they can offer the same level of services and results to job seekers. The premise of Law Crossing fraud is simple. Job seekers tend to think about it this way. When other job boards are offering access to legal jobs for free, why should I pay for access to the same jobs at LawCrossing? People tend to believe in the possibility of fraud because they have to pay in order to be a member. They believe that they can find jobs on their own.

Does Cheat? Take Some Time to Review These Facts

There are tons of legal jobs available all across the country today. Let’s view certain figures to see what LawCrossing has to offer.

  • There are more than 40,000 job sites in the country; LawCrossing has access to most of them.
  • There are more than 100,000 legal employers with jobs listed on their official career pages; LawCrossing has access to them.
  • There are more than 10,000 small and large recruiters that have jobs listed on their own sites; LawCrossing has access to them.
  • There are thousands of various association websites that list jobs; LawCrossing has access to them.
  • There are also thousands of local, state and federal government sites, university websites and newspaper websites. All of these have jobs listed on them. LawCrossing has access to them as well. Fraudulent Reports – Why Nobody Else Can Do What LawCrossing Can Do

From the facts given above, you should be able to understand just what kind of resources and efforts would be required to track all these jobs. LawCrossing claims that it has the largest collection of legal jobs today. This holds true due to the above facts. It has spent millions so far on tracking down these jobs and bringing them to you. What LawCrossing fraud cases and LawCrossing complaints won’t tell you is that other job boards simply wait for employers to come to them with their job openings. This is the main reason why they have only 5 legal jobs for every 500 that LawCrossing has.

LawCrossing has worked on getting legal jobs for years and has accomplished this by putting together an astonishing amount of resources. There aren’t any regular job boards that have those kind of resources. Applicants simply would never be able to manage finding so many jobs on their own. With only a small membership fee, LawCrossing provides you access to this incredible database so you can find an array of legal jobs that match your interests, skill sets, education and experience in the industry.