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The LawCrossing Mission

The LawCrossing Mission – How it Works Out for Your Benefit

Your career is one of the most important things in your life. This means that every decision you make about your career has to be carefully reviewed. If you are currently trying to figure out the truth behind the allegations of LawCrossing fraud then you should meticulously review all the facts before you draw any conclusion. Websites like SimplyHired, TheLadders, Indeed and Monster are free to join. However, most people end up using these websites for several months and don’t find a single job.

We Give You Access to More Jobs and More Success!

Before you believe the rumors about LawCrossing fraud, you should first understand the fact that other job boards work only for the employers and not you because that is where they earn all their revenue. These job boards charge a hefty fee for every job that an employer posts and don’t go out and find jobs on their own. If you have checked out our site because you have heard that LawCrossing cheats people out of money, you most likely have noticed that it has thousands of legal jobs compared to the pitiful number of jobs that the other job boards have.

Times are tough and money is scarce. Employers don’t have much money to spend on posting jobs on these job boards and therefore you have even fewer jobs to select from. Every posted job receives thousands of applications because of heavy advertising from big job boards. This means you have almost no chance of getting the job at all.

Our Mission is Your Job

LawCrossing fraudulent rumors and LawCrossing complaints are based on the fact that our website works on a completely different business model. The mission of our website is to aggregate every single legal job opportunity available in the market and bring them to you. While we do charge employers, these types of jobs are not the main focus of our site. We scour employer career pages, government sites, association websites and dozens of lesser known sources to accumulate the bulk of the thousands and thousands of legal jobs available to our members.

When LawCrossing fraud cases are brought up they often mention the fact that we are a paid job site. We offer this service exclusively to limit the number of members on our site. We have spent millions of dollars compiling our database of legal jobs. With limited access, every job receives fewer job applications. This gives you a higher chance of finding a high quality job sooner instead of later.

This model ultimately works out in your favor and is something you should invest in if you value your legal career.