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LawCrossing Fraud: Charging Money for Services, is it Justified?

If you have heard rumors of LawCrossing fraud you also probably know that it is a paid job search service with a very different business model than most of the other job boards. Typically, people tend to be skeptical about anything that is different. The rumors of Law Crossing fraud were started because of the way LawCrossing is setup and operates, which is different than regular job boards. Fraud? How LawCrossing is Different Than Your Average Job Board

The first major difference between LawCrossing and the other job boards is that LawCrossing is not a job board but a job aggregation service. What this means is that the company works 24/7 to search for every single legal job available in the market and presents them to you in an easy to access manner. Another major factor to consider is that these job boards only get their jobs by charging employers, which pushes them away.

What most cheat reports won’t tell you is that the other job boards have only a small number of jobs available because they charge money for every job listed on their website. This is where LawCrossing is differs. Although it does charge employers to post job listings, it does just not wait for employers to post jobs but it goes out there to proactively research and bring you every available job in the country.

LawCrossing Scam? Why Should I Pay for LawCrossing? fraudulent reports and LawCrossing complaints exist because of the fact that it charges its members for access to its job database. Consider the fact that LawCrossing has a database of legal jobs worth millions of dollars. It has put in millions of dollars and continues to put in thousands of employee hours to compile and maintain this database. It restricts access to this incredible and valuable information by requiring a paid membership.

What LawCrossing fraud cases will not tell you is that the company offers a free trial so you can try out the service before you pay anything at all. In many cases, people end up finding a job within the free trial period and have no need to pay for continued membership. When you are a member, you have access to legal jobs that only a handful of people know about. These jobs receive very few applications. This gives you a very high chance of getting selected for a position.

Getting a legal job doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is sign up with LawCrossing, become a member, and apply to the job or jobs that meet your criteria.