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Not a Fraud

The Case of LawCrossing Fraud

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several months, you have most likely heard about a site called LawCrossing, and how there are reports of the site being a fraud. LawCrossing is a job aggregation service which provides the largest collection of legal jobs in the country. So why are there so many people talking about Law Crossing being a fraud? The reason is simply because it is a paid service.

LawCrossing gives you the opportunity to go beyond!

Unlike other job boards, joining LawCrossing costs money, which is the number one reason why certain people believe that is a fraud.

How Do Fraud Rumors Work in Your Favor?

With reports of LawCrossing being a scam all over the internet, there are less people who pay the membership fee and join the site. This means that fewer people have access to the jobs listed on the website and these jobs receive fewer applications. Rumors about being a fraud work in your favor because when you join the website and apply for the legal jobs listed on the website, you have more offers and job interviews because of less competition. This is a benefit that every job applicant in the market is looking for today. More listings and fewer applicants raise your chances of landing the job you want.

The Truth Behind LawCrossing Fraud Cases

The reason why most of the regular job boards are free to use is because these job boards rely on charging employers for their job postings on their website. While Law Crossing does charge employers to post on its site, this is not its main focus. Its main focus is on building a strong database for its users, which it invests a lot of money doing. The company is primarily a research company which aggregates jobs from recruiter sites, association sites, government sites, employer sites and other job boards. This helps them offer you a fully comprehensive list of every possible legal job currently up for grabs.

Why a Paid Membership?

The benefit of a paid membership is that it limits the exposure of the jobs. This enables the employers to go through each applicant’s application meticulously. Thus you have more chances of being able to find a relevant job that interests you. All of this leads to you having a better chance of getting a job interview or getting an offer more quickly than any other job board can provide you.

Any fraud report you have seen will be based on this simple fact. However, ultimately the paid membership concept that the LawCrossing fraud cases focus their hatred on will actually turn out to be in your favor. Being a member of LawCrossing will give you access to jobs that most other legal job applicants would give anything to have and therefore will give you a competitive edge over other legal job seekers.